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Best Ever Songs About Gambling

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After its release in 1967, it became one of the most heard songs of the decade.

An amalgam of country and rock is what gets you in the mood for poker.

Get set for a casino party with this rock anthem.

Casino Themed Pop Songs

Listen to the best casino themed pop songs here.

The Gambler – Kenny Rogers

Poker Face – Lady Gaga

Ace of Spades – Motorhead

Viva Las Vegas – Elvis Presley

Tumbling Dice – The Rolling Stones

The Card Cheat – The Clash

A Different Feeling

Top 7 Pop Cultural Songs Related to Casinos and Gambling

Viva Las Vegas,Casino Boogie,Smoke on The Water,The Angel and the Gambler,Ace of Spades,the Gambler,Desperado.

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Casino Themed Songs

Best Casino Themed Songs

Casino songs or music never fails to steal the show, every time its played. This is because it is suitable for a vast genre of music and also gets the tempo for every game on the casino floor. Although there exist several songs by famous artists from around the world, the songs listed in this article are some of the best. Don’t blame us if you listen to the music and cannot get it out of your mind.

Waking up in Vegas by Katy Perry

This famous track was released in 2009 and described the lights in Vegas Casinos. If you’ve ever visited the casinos in Las Vegas, then you can precisely visualize what the song is about. In this casino themed song, Katy Perry tackles this part, of the gambling and casino family.

Katy Perry

Huck’s Tune

It is a famous piece from the movie named Lucky You. The song was written and sung by Bob Dylan in 2006. The film to which the song belongs to stars famous names like Drew Barrymore and Eric Bana. Singer Dylan is a winner of the Nobel Prize in the 21st century. In the song, he talks about the insecurities in a casino regarding money and other matters related to poker, relationships and many more. The song falls precisely in line with the storyline of the movie.

All I Want do is Play Cards

This song was released in 2005, sung by Corb Lund. It is depicted as one of the best classics of countryside music. It talks about a guy who is playing a deck of cards. It is not wrong to mention that this song is also regarded as one of the best poker songs of all times. The song also talks about his obsession with cards. The singer strangely mentions that at the end of a long day, he would rather sit with a deck of blackjack or poker cards, than write lyrics for a song.

A little less conversation

It is a famous song by Elis Presley, which was released in 1960. She performed this song under various occasions on stage, but somehow it never gained popularity until the remix was released in the movie Ocean’s Eleven. Once the music was used in the film, it gained worldwide popularity.

On the Nickel

It was written and released in 1980 by Tom Waits. The song is about how a royal flush cannot be compared to a paid. He also refers to the 5th street in Los Angeles, which introduced the world to various poker variations almost 40 years ago.

Poker Face

We cannot end the list without mentioning this song buy Lady gaga. This is that one song that kick-started the singers’ career into music and it’s about her favourite card game- poker.

Gambling and Music

Correlation between Gambling and Music

Music has a drastic effect on many of the turn of events in our lives. The gambling industry has no exception, and it equally affects the gambling industry as well. From the tunes that relax your mind to the tempo that set you right in the mood to motivate and inspire you, the gambling music can also have a severe impact on the gameplay. Needless to say, many of the casino operators also pay attention to the type of music played in their casino, which works for their advantage.

Further links can be witnessed in the music that is associated with the activity of gambling itself, which brings a sense of spirit and challenge to the artists making the songs. In this article, let’s briefly look into the correlation and the effect of music on the activity of gambling.

Types of music that can affect gambling

Types of music that can affect gambling

Like noted earlier, music possesses the power to affect our mood in various ways- which includes our perceptions and behaviour as well. In multiple situations inside the casino, music is carefully selected to motivate the players. It also narrows down to the type of soundtrack that is being played in the ambience. It is the same reason why shopping malls also play music – which drastically affects the customers’ purchase.

Casinos mostly make use of physiological music as a tool to retail their customers in the ambience. The tempo can be exciting and exhilarating, mellow or soothing, depending on the type of crowd in the casino ambience.

  • High tempo music:An investigation conducted by Dixon, Trigg and Griffiths in 2007, pushed the results that music and gambling are closely related. They concluded that the tempo of the music affected the speed of betting. The faster the tempo faster was the speed. However, the speed of the tempo did not affect their betting amount. Hence a clear conclusion was drawn on the speed of betting, which was directly proportional to the tempo of the music.

Further studies, conducted by the Norwegian Research Council also explained the result of an experiment that was conducted by five different gambling and casino expert. The study or the research included nearly 101 participants that played a game of Super Jack, while the music was played. Half of the players listened to slow music, while the rest listened to a piece of fast-paced music.

The results indicated that a piece of slower music led to the slower betting pace and a prolong in the betting activity. Hence, with slower-paced music, more bets were placed, and the players were hooked to their seats for a longer duration.


From the information above we can conclude that music has a positive as well as a negative impact on the gambling behaviour of the people.


Songs Inspired by Gambling and Betting

Every mood is associated with various genres of song, like love, relationship, and betting! Whatever your choice may be- folk, pop, country, old-school, techno, hip-hop etc., there’s a genre for every state and every mood in betting. On the same note, we’ve enlisted the top songs that are inspired by the betting and the gambling industry. Check them out!

The Gambler

The Gambler is a famous casino inspired gambling song by Kenny Rogers. It was released in 1978, and even to this day, it is regarded as one of the best songs that are based on betting. It depicts a story of a gambling man’s encounter on a moving train and his world of wisdom.

Viva Las Vegas

Viva Las Vegas

It was released in a 1964 film and sung by Elvis Presley. It was recorded as a theme song for the movie named Lucky Jackson. It is a song that supports and highlights the extravagance of the casino atmosphere with the bright lights, the thrill of betting, the music and the people present in the ambience.

The shape of my Heart

Unless you’re a die-hard fan of the Sting, then you wouldn’t have paid close attention to the lyrics of the song. The shape of my Heart is famous among gambling lovers and especially popular among the poker players.  It is about a poker player who strangely plays the game of poker, not to win money, but to understand the value and concept of fate and mystery.


It s famous song in the hip-hop genre, sung by 2 Chainz. Although it is not purely based on the gambling genre, it still comprises of references to sports betting, the pain of losing, the thrill of winning and also a tad bit of rapping. It’s about how 2Chainz learns a harsh lesson from all the happenings in his life.



This is an epic tune which was released by the Eagles, which stood the test of time. It is from an album of 1973. It basically depicts the story of a loner, who is imprisoned because of his solitude and the lyrics of the song has a close connection to the card games and many more picked directly from the gambling genre.

When you’re hot, you’re hot.

Jerry Reed released this song in 1971. It was considered as the generation’s cross over hit and also found its place in the country charts in the number 1 positions. The song also gained the 9th position in the Pop Top 40 songs list. It depicts the story of a singer who played illegal craps and shows up to the singers’ courthouse. It is a funny, novelty song which rightly describes the ups and downs of the gambling life.

Tumbling Dice

This song by Rolling stones was based on a conversation with the housekeeper when the spell was broken.

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